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Jaelea Skehan - R U OK?Day
R U OK? A potential life-changer

R U OK?Day is a national day of action dedicated to reminding us to check in regularly with people around us.

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Take a minute, change a life

Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK?Day, what can we do to contribute to the prevention of suicide and its impacts.

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LifeSpan Newcastle announces community grant recipients for R U OK?Day

LifeSpan Newcastle, in partnership with R U OK? is delighted to announce the recipients of its R U OK?Day local community grants.

13 Resons Why - Netflix series
13 Reasons Why needed to conform to Australian standards

Our Director, Jaelea Skehan, shares her opinion with the Sydney Morning Herald today about the fictional portrayal of suicide and mental illness, and the role of streaming media services such as Netflix and programs like 13 Reasons Why.

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Why not reach out to small business and ask R U OK?

Director, Jaelea Skehan discussing the importance of mental health in Small Business in Australia and to ask, "R U OK?"

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Heard about our Small Business survey?

Can you spare 10 - 15 minutes?

If you've worked in small business, we'd appreciate your opinions about mental health.

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