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Why we need to think small for big changes in mental health

Small business owners and those who work for a small business can take the first step to help shape this response by participating in the first comprehensive survey of small business and mental health in Australia.

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Global concerns, national priorities

Hunter Institute Director, Jaelea Skehan, shares her thoughts ahead of the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Brisbane this week.

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Opinion: Helping teachers start well, stay well

Opinion piece featured in the Newcastle Herald by our Program Manager, Dr Gavin Hazel

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Six Reasons Why I'm concerned about a TV series

You can hardly open a social media channel without seeing commentary about 13 Reasons Why – a Netflix drama series that explores a range of issues affecting young people, including suicide. The media across the world have been asking whether this a responsible and safe representation of suicide, and now the Australia media has followed suit.

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Make mental health a priority in 2017

A new year message from Hunter Institute Director, Jaelea Skehan.

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Barbara Hocking, a longtime friend and leader in the mental health and suicide prevention sector

The team at the Hunter Institute of Mental Health were very saddened today to learn of the passing of Barbara Hocking, a longtime friend of our organisation who worked tirelessly as a leader in the mental health and suicide prevention sector to reduce stigma of people affected by mental illness.

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Prevention First: A prevention and promotion framework for mental health

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